A leaky pipe can bring major stress, especially if it results in water damage to other parts of your home. Emergencies of this nature require an immediate, effective response from skilled service.

The best defence against leaks and other pipe problems is preventative maintenance. If you suspect that you have a problem developing, or if you simply want to rest easy knowing that your pipes are in good working order, you can rely on us to keep your house dry and safe.

When you need hot water FAST for you home, then trust in the fast, on-time professional service you receive when you choose Daniher Plumbing.

  • FAST HOT WATER REPAIRS: Don’t suffer longer than you have to without hot water in your home. We will assist you with any problem, and enjoy hot water again.
  • NEW WATER HEATERS: When you need a new or replacement water heater, we can help with a range of the best systems from the leading brands, all expertly installed.
  • ALL WATER HEATER REPAIRS: We have the expertise and experience to handle every kind of repair to all brands and models of water heaters.
  • PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATIONS: We will expertly install your new hot water heater to ensure you get the most out of your new system.